About Us


The Story

PDO is a family owned pet discount outlet and surprise, surprise we are absolutely crazy about our pets..... all of them! Fur, wool, hair, scale or feather. 

For those of you that have visited the store, you may have met Wilma the Pig, Wilma is considered one of the family and along side her doggie brothers Fred and Trigger can most often be found lounging around in the living room at home watching TV or just hanging with the family. Wilma and the boys are frequent visitors in the shop and love to say hey and help advise on the best treats!


The Prices and Range

How do we keep our prices so low you may ask.  Well, we do our research and when we find a bargain you get a bargain!!! We know how expensive our extra family members can be and we strive to keep those costs down in any way we can. 

Our Star "wilma"

Wilma is no ordinary pig! She is part of the PDO family and is a frequent visitor to the store.